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September 21 - 27, 2015


Institute of Engineering Thermal Physics NAS of Ukraine

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of SB RAS

Scientific and Technical Union of Energy Workers and Electricians of Ukraine

in collaboration with

SPIC Triacon ( )

11-th Theoretical and Practical Conference



To coordinate joint efforts of power engineering specialists: managers, scientists, engineers and designers who are working in the areas:

  • development of power engineering equipment

  • using of alternative energy sources

  • energy carrier distribution systems

  • mining, concentration and processing of fuels

  • ecological aspects of fuel and power engineering complex

  • economic aspects of power engineering

for increasing efficiency of existing heat-and-power engineering equipment,  new applications manufacturing  and implementation with a glance to modern economic and ecological requirements.

Languages:  Russian, English (with translator)


The special issue of Scientific Journal

Modern Science:
Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies

ISSN 2076-6866 (Hard Copy)

for conference proceedings will be published before the event start.


The Conference will be held at the health and resort center Golden, Alushta, Crimea. It is the ideal location for the efficient and comfortable conference work. Pictorial park and Sea proximity provides exceptional environment for the relaxation after the technical sessions and lectures. Service and amenities includes billiard, sauna, city tours, side walking, sport areas, etc.

A variety of sessions are planned for presentations as it allows flexibility to the authors including oral presentations, posters, round tables and panel discussions.



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